After Egon Schiele

Mounted and framed drawing34x44cm

Sitting nude

Framed and mounted drawing34x44cm

Sitting nude 2

Framed and mounted drawing34x44cm

John Dory

Acrylic 76x60cm


Acrylic 100x120cm


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Abstract 1

Acrylic with gold leaf. 100x150cm


Acrylic 60x90cm

Tree-lined avenue

Acrylic with pen and gold/silver leaf on canvas. 90x60cm


Acrylic with silver leaf. 90x60cm


Acrylic with pen and ink. 40x40cm

The mill pond

Acrylic and gold leaf on canvas. 46x61cm

East Anglian seascape

Triptych- acrylic on canvas 60x60cm

Autumn by the lake

Acrylic with gold/silver/bronze leaf.90x60cm

Abstract 3

Acylic with gold leaf

Abstract 4

Acylic with gold leaf

The great wave in yellow after Hokusai

Acrylic on canvas40x40cm

The great wave in blue after Hokusai

Acrylic on canvas40x40cm

Nocturnal 1

Acrylic with gold leaf on canvas.76x50cm

House by the river in yellow

Acrylic on canvas 50x76cm

House by the river in blue

Acrylic on canvas.50x76cm

Nocturnal 2

Acrylic with gold/silver/bronze leaf on canvas.76x50cm


Acrylic with gold leaf on canvas.30x100cm